Exciting New Features In Java 9

In September, Oracle released Java SE 9 with over 150 new features. The latest version of the widely used programming language comes with several new features and APIs to accelerate development of applications for both large and small devices. At the same time, the features provided by Java 9 help programmers to improve application’s performance, security, and maintainability. Hence, it becomes (more…)

Best JavaScript Tutorial Guide for Beginners


JavaScript is basically a programing language created by the company Netscape. The language has gained quite a lot of popularity in the recent months as it allows the web developers to modify the browser actions as well as the contents of the site in such a manner which is not at all possible using the traditional HTML tools or even CSS. Use of JavaScript on a web page empowers (more…)

Including Custom JavaScript Files in MSCRM 3.0

While working with MS CRM, you will find a lot of client side coding in JavaScript. MS CRM has exposed onLoad, onSave & onChanged event. Once you add javascript, you could save the form followed by publishing it. The whole process is time consuming and again publishing entity calls for resetting IIS, which is may not be permissible.

In development scenario, we always use common methods, (more…)

Replace Text Within a String in JavaScript

One of the most common scripting languages ‚Äč‚Äčtoday is JavaScript, which is often used to allow access to the other applications' objects.

Typically, this is utilized to develop dynamic websites. This language was designed as a look a like of Java but because of its friendly interface, even those who are not skilled in programming can deal with this language.

A little history first: (more…)

Difference Between JSF, Servlet And JSP

At present, Java is used widely by programmers for developing a wide variety of software applications -desktop GUI applications, websites, web applications, and Android mobile apps. Java has been evolving consistently to simplify and accelerate development of custom applications based on varied business requirements. Java 8 supports widely used functional programming concepts like anonymous (more…)